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Syd, William, Spenser, Melissa, Kalyssa, Stefanie, Tom, Ryan, Kyle, Nick, Clark, Anna, Kristen, Josh, Devin, Kelly, Frank, Windy…Assstant Francesca “FranV”

We did:

  • breathing exercise
  • equilibrium exercises
  • explained basic equilibrium
  • explained change of weight principle
  • explained principle of walk
  • back walk
  • walk without embrace
  • explained embrace
  • walk with embrace
  • basic step
  • basic step in couples

Next Week:

  • individual coaching on Walk
  • leading the cross without embrace


The master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his information and his recreation, his love and his religion…he hardly knows which is which…he simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing…to him he is always doing both

Small Talk:

Vibrant and dynamic first lesson…ones first impact of this building is pretty impressive; wide spaces and tall ceiling and all with the feel of an artist’s loft…lots of people seemingly excited about the stuff they’re doing…I happened to come upon three girls already looking at tango videos on a computer screen (Kristen I believe was one of them)…I said hi and directed them to my own tango videos…as they were looking at the back walk, Francesca my assistant came up, “this is the girl in the video”, I said to them…they all turned around to say hi…it was really great to meet all these young exciting faces from Iowa (OK, there was one canadian..so many gold metals is it so far)…I understood  right away that Kelly had studied ballet for many years…there were a couple of others, Melissa and Sadi If I recall correctly…Nick moved pretty good especially for a big guy…Josh seemed to be really focused into the whole thing with that philosophical, introspective gaze of his…Windy and I did a little tango demo to enthusiastic applause and then she went back to her office to work…later she came down again with her computer and helped by dancing with the guys who were left without partners…at the end of the lesson Francesca and I did another demo this times demonstrating other possibilities with tango…so half of you guys are going to North Italy and the rest to Sicily; Italy is all beautiful and fascinating…as we say in Texas, see ya’ll on March 22…have fun and watch my tango video especially the back and forward walks.


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