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I am an American tango teacher who lives in Rome...I am originally from Austin, Texas where for many years I was a businessman and entrepreneur. In 1997 I did a crazy thing; I followed my dream and moved to Florence, Italy which had been my dream. My friends told me it was a crazy thing to do as I had never been in Italy, did not know anyone, had no money and did not speak the language…I WAS 47 YEARS OLD....well this opened the door to incredible adventures..it has been a fantastic life; BIGGER THAN MY DREAMS. I now live in Rome where I teach tango using Zen concepts...it is my passion and I try to do it with an "American" approach...with professionalism... I love Italy because it is magical; the history, the art, the food, the wine, the coffee and the women are the best….human interaction is very important here. I have a degree in Philosophy and have owned a number of small businesses. I am very curious about the world and read alot. I am a video producer as well and a fanatic about physical fitness. I guess my biggest passion is to understand understanding; what’s it all about? What is life and love and pain and arriving and dying all about…and what about parallel universes and Nietzsche and Schopenhauer’s prescription of art as the palliative of life…and what about the Buddha’s enlightment under that tree…and what about Mother Teresa’s pure love?

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